Bodhi Leaf Media creates online marketing management solutions for holistic entrepreneurs and businesses that encourage growth, health and quality of life. 

Who are we?

Glad you asked! We are an online marketing company based in Austin, Texas. Now honestly, we don’t need any more junk to buy or sell, but we DO need education, health, and a clean planet for our future and our children. We are dreamers who care deeply for our environment and everything that breathes within it. So we partner with businesses and entrepreneurs out there who are creating innovative products and services that change our world for the better! And because we are skilled in meditation practices, we know how to FOCUS on giving you access to the best material possible.

What is our purpose in online marketing?

  • To create and implement online marketing solutions for holistic entrepreneurs and businesses.
  • To unify your vision with your brand, products, services, and mission.
  • To share and promote useful, high-quality educational products, services, and solutions.
  • To partner with businesses who care for the greater good of humanity and the environment.
  • To promote what we love, not bash what we hate. (Not that we hate. Namaste.)

What do we do?

  • To put it simply, we just unite our Forces of Awesome with yours.
  • We create compelling content that tells a story and encourages us all to take notice and take a stand for humanity and the health of the planet.
  • We manage social media, promotional campaigns, projects, blogs, online content, and email marketing.
  • We conduct marketing audits, ad offer solutions that make your marketing work for you.
  • We develop online marketing strategies based on your vision, mission, and audience.
  • We test everything to distinguish working solutions from hype.
  • We share our clients’ businesses and successes with our own audience to bring it all full circle. We all teach and learn from each other.

Exciting, right? Don’t you feel smarter and more healthy already?

We stand for ideas and products that encourage us all to live healthier, happier lives. We share and discuss theories, systems, models, and solutions that inspire progress and innovation, creativity, health, freedom, happiness, and peace.