Journey to Happiness eBook Testimonials

“I will tell you, I am extremely bitter about all the past failed relationships, mostly my marriages and the failed engagement. You don’t mourn each breakup alone, you mourn all of them. Each time you go through one, it is compounded by the past ones. I’ve known what I need and what I need to do….it’s very difficult to get there by yourself when you’re digging yourself out of financial holes created from a marriage. I’m a fighter so obviously I’m working on it but I get discouraged at times. I’m looking forward to reading your book because just that short excerpt I read made me feel like I can overcome this a lot sooner than I anticipate.” -Sharon, Texas

“Aww, it made me cry; was it supposed to do that?” -Joei, North Dakota

“Autumn, you have a charismatic way of making others feel like you are reaching them personally even in a crowd. You give 100% of yourself in all you do, & my genuine opinion this will be such a treasure for those who don’t speak up for themselves.” -Judy, Texas

“My son kept asking who I was talking to, because I kept saying ‘Yes!’ and ‘That’s so true!’  I love this…and I love that these are the exact same things I find myself telling grieving friends. I am so excited to read the rest of your book…and be able to give it others.” -Krysten, Texas


Coaching Testimonials

“I promise you that she is SOOO worth it! She has listened to me scream, cry and get shit out.. She IS a stern one, but we need that. She is also great with helping plan with goals, short and long term. Autumn also holds you accountable and helps fact find to guide you in the right direction. Instead of telling you what you need to do, she guides you… BEST $$ I have ever spent.. Autumn has helped me understand alot of things about myself which has certainly helped me understand why my actions have not been up to par with what I expect of myself..” E.F. Dallas, TX


Marketing Testimonials

“I recommend Autumn for social media management without reservation. I hired Autumn to manage social media for AllSports Timing. Since then, the activity level on our Facebook account has moved up over 500% in 3 months, and continues to increase. Autumn is the consummate professional, providing consistent communication, timely results, and a can-do, positive attitude that anyone would find a valuable asset to their web presence. Her creativity and understanding of consumer appeal make her a strong marketing consultant for social media management on a broad spectrum, and her ability to integrate the complex parts of a company’s web presence will ensure that AllSports Timing will continue to use her services in the future.” -Chris Oroshiba, President, AllSports Timing


“Autumn is a highly talented, skilled, personable individual. She communicates extremely well and her writing talent is simply amazing. I would personally hire her again. I am extremely satisfied with her work.” – Matt Winters, CEO, Austin Visuals



“Autumn is an outstandingly creative individual with a great talent to convey thoughts and emotion through imagery. Autumn is also an astounding artist who has much versatility in painting, from cultural historical methods and techniques to modern image and text. I really enjoy working with Autumn and being enlightened with her ideas. -James Granberry, Owner, Minda Productions


“You have really done a smashing job for me, and I would hope that we can work together for my real estate career wherever in the Austin MSA that may be.” -Brandon Griffing


“Having Autumn and her team oversee our social media has been an excellent experience through and through. She is a reliable source for ideas and a great contributor to our brainstorming sessions. Her advice and input comes from experience and a willingness to test new strategies. Her execution is exceptional, and she is an engaged and communicative member of our team. ” Rayner Smith -KIND* Shave Oil