Favorite Things

Here, I will be continually adding holistic living solutions, products, books, eBooks, reports, websites, guides, and content that is geared towards helping you to live a happier, healthier life. Most of them will be free, aside from books I have bought on Amazon, but everything on this list I have personally used and recommend to students, clients, and fellow blog readers looking for a bit of guidance.

Change begins with education and awareness, so please take advantage of the information provided. We all deserve to feel and live as fabulous as we are!


This is a 30-day guide written by Autumn Morgan (pen name Autumn la Boheme), owner of Bodhi Leaf Media. Full of daily affirmations, exercises, tips, and stories, this eBook has been a huge hit among women who need just a bit of guidance as they enter new stages of life.

Ask and it is Given is a personal favorite book of mine. Written by Jerry and Esther Hicks (and of course the amazing Abraham), this book is full of processes to help awaken your soul and connect you more with your spirit. I found when applying these strategies that things began to fall into place more easily for me, and I felt more in-tuned to my true self. I began to realize that no outside influence determines who I am, how I feel, or where I’m going, and that everything- EVERYTHING is up to me. You can begin studying some of these processes with me via the Bodhi Blog.